Keith Beatty Shares Enthusiasm for Engineering with K-5 Students

Keith Beatty K-5

During Engineers Week (Feb. 21 to 27), Keith Beatty, PE, shared his enthusiasm for engineering with students at Grandview Elementary School in Grandview Plaza, Kansas.

As part of the elementary schools “Day of Engineering,” Keith spoke about several types of engineering, including aerospace, material, chemical, electrical/computer, environmental, geotechnical, and, of course, civil engineering to encourage today’s youth to “Discover Engineering.” Props were used, such as a rip stick, long board, motorcycle helmet, medical supplies, and a Microsoft Surface to demonstrate how engineers have a large impact in a variety of areas.

We’re all familiar with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and how Goldilocks sat in Baby Bear’s chair and broke it. After the presentation, students brainstormed how to make a new chair out of various materials for their “Baby Bear” (comprised of a water bottle) as part of an engineering project.

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